Ms. Norman’s Portfolio

Collage + Mixed Media

Scared Monsters

Grin and Bear It

Other Collage

A Day in the Life

This mixed-media series served as a way to journal my overall days during my first year of teaching at Lowell High School, Lowell, MA. Each day I would use my parking stub as a canvas to collage materials that would have other wise been discarded that day. The finished product was a visual depiction of that day in time.



Anne Truitt Experiments

Microscopic Landscapes

This body of work aims to create a visual language through biomimicry at
the microscopic scale. In each piece that I create, the individual elements react with one another; patterns and relationships begin to develop and a microscopic landscape is formed. I start all of these pieces with some type of meditative line, and build off of that, creating relationships between the visual elements as the piece develops. The materials that I tend to use are: illustration markers, watercolor markers, watercolor, India ink, acrylic ink, and archival waterproof pens. These pieces have a large experimental element to them, and have grown out of years of working and playing with both line and shape, while creating different textures and patterns. One of my aspirations with this work is to play with the microscopic, macroscopic, and telescopic scales. With the ambiguity of scale, the hope is for the viewer not only to see the piece as a whole, but to view the movement and growth in the work as well.


Canvas III Project

This was one of my 3 pieces for the Art House CoOp’s Canvas Project III. Artists from all over the world were given three words to visually define using the three 4”x4” canvas provided.

Artist Trading Cards



Clay + Craft


Everything is Going to Be OK



Double Images

These pieces were created by photographing pages of 1960s magazines on a light table.  By exposing the images that appear on the front and back of the pages intriguing juxtapositions in popular culture come into light.  Exposing dualities and contradictions around race, gender, and identity in mass culture.

Found Objects on Light Table 

The Seacoast

Making observations in what is already there, I finding the bizarre and absurd in the familiar. Photography is a great form of communication, enabling the artist to share a new viewpoint or abstractions of our surroundings.




Other Work