Teaching for Artistic Behavior

What happens in the CRES Studio?

What does choice-based art education look like?

What is “Teaching for Artistic Behavior”?

Students Collaborate

blocks collaborate.012.jpg


Left: 2nd Graders in Mrs. Peterson’s class collaborate on their architectural structure using blocks.
Right: After studying Japan in their classroom and art class, students from Mrs. Fosters 2nd Grade class decided to build a traditional Japanese restaurant.
pictures collaborate.012.jpg
Left: “A View Into a Girl’s House”, 18″ x 24″, mixed-media, collaborative collage created by two 2nd graders in Mrs. Harrod’s class.
Right: Collaborative 18″ x 24″ painting created by two 2nd Graders in Mrs. Harrod’s class.

Students Teach Each Other
bunny teach.002.jpg
Left:  “Bunny” by Daphne
Right: Many of the boys were impressed with Daphne’s soft sculpture bunny.  Once she was done she volunteered to teach them how to sew. Sew awesome!
logan teach.003.jpg
Left: Logan has been practicing drawing cartoons both in and out of the CRES Studio.
Right:  The same artist is seen teaching his friends how to draw one of the characters he’s been practicing.

Students Inspire Each Other
Catie anthony.005.jpg
Left:  Circle Drawing, Caitie, Grade 3
Right:  Drawing inspired by Catie’s piece, Anthony, Grade 3
Inspired by emma.004.jpg
Left:  Emma (2nd Grade) created this amazing character using two pieces of paper.
Middle:  Lucy (2nd Grade)  decided to also try this method of working, but used watercolor instead of mixed-media.
Right:  Cheyenne and Morgan (2nd Grade) created each of these collaborative drawings after being inspired by Emma’s work.

Students are Inspired By Famous Artists
Inspired Chihuly.008.jpg
Far-Left: Dale Chihuly,  “Garden and Glass Permanent Exhibition”, Seattle, WA
Right:  Students in 2nd and 3rd Grade watched some of Dale Chihuly’s glass blowing videos and looked at slides of some of his installations.  Here are a couple of examples of work that was inspired by Chihuly.  Students used laminate scraps and Sharpie markers instead of glass.  

Students Have Choice in Media
Each student in 3rd Grade created a visual interpretation of the song “Coast of Maine” by Mike Nobel.  After they sketched out their ideas in their sketchbooks they chose the media that best suited their concept.

Students Grow As Artists
kristen before and after.002.jpg
Left:  Self-Portrait Created the 2nd Week of 4th Grade
Middle:  The Artist
Right:  Self-Portrait Created the Last 2 Weeks of School


Students Learn to Critique and Curate Their Work

ATC Curate.011.jpg
Left:  After the critique shown in the video above students put their 1st and 2nd choice artist trading cards in the appropriate boxes to go to the show.  
Middle:  Students who didn’t want to trade their cards put a red sold sticker on the back of them.
Right:  This is an image of some of the pieces that were on display at the “Trade Off: Artist Trading Cards” exhibit at the Arnheim Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA.

Students Work At Their Own Pace
Work At Own Pace.007.jpg
Left:  This student is working on animal characters using one of our Ed Emberly books from the “Inspiration Station.”
Right: Students in second grade work on the carpet while learning some of the basics of embroidery.  The girl at the far right is working on paper first, while the other two students are working on their own designs on burlap.  

Experimentation and Mistakes are Honored
Happy Accidents.009.jpg
These students were given a design challenge to turn anther student’s mistake into their own “Happy Accident” mini masterpiece.  

Students Learn About Other Cultures
Left:  Second grade students study Japan in the spring.  Here is a class posing with their favorite frog faces after creating origami jumping frogs.
Middle:  To go along with this unit students also created Japanese style tea cups.
Right:  At the end of this unit we celebrated with a tea ceremony.