Sep 16

Inspiration | Scott Sueme

What is not to love about Sueme’s work?  His paintings are flat, with a brilliant use of  desaturated and pastel colors. His work uses abstraction and minimalism, breaking pools and other subjects into shapes using planes of color. Many of his pieces are almost monochromatic, using several hues of the same color.  

One influence I can see clearly in his work is that of David Hockney, especially his pool paintings from the 1960s and 1970’s. (See below.) 

Art Practice Prompt:

  • Create a work of art based on the color palette used in one of his paintings. 
  • Create a series of minimal photographs breaking your subject down to just the elements of art and getting rid of all clutter.   

  “A Bigger Splash,” 1967

“Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)” 1972

Jan 16

What can you do? | Sue Austin: Deep Sea Diving In A Wheelchair

Jan 16

“10/1” Project By Romanian Artist Bogdan Gîrbovan

10 Identical Apartments, 10 Different Lives, Documented By Romanian Artist Bogdan Gîrbovan
(Read the article via Bored Panda
 by clicking the link)

10th Floor
9th Floor
8th Floor
7th Floor
6th Floor
5th Floor
4th Floor
3rd Floor
2nd Floor
1st Floor

Jan 16

Artists Inspire Artists | Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci, 1503

Malevitch – Éclipse partielle avec Mona Lisa – 1914

Duchamp – L.H.O.O.Q – 1919

Léger – La Joconde aux clés – 1930

Fernando Botero – 1944 (réalisé à l’âge de 12 ans)

José Pedro Costigliolo – Gioconda – 1948

Dali – Autoportrait en Mona Lisa – 1954

Andy Warhol – Mona Lisa – 1963

Basquiat – Mona Lisa – 1983

Yvaral – Mona LIsa – 1988

Banksy – 2001

Dec 15

Art Inspiration: The Bear + The Hare

The Making Of: The Bear & The Hare from Hornet on Vimeo.

The Bear + The Hare, short for John Lewis

Oct 15

Photography | Play | Miniatures

Nov 14

Artist Spotlight: Mateo C.



Baby Man

Baby Man

Raining Tires

Raining Tires

Crocodile Eating Puppet

Crocodile Eating Puppet

Person For Dinner

Person For Dinner

Q:  What grade are you in?

A:  2nd

Q:  What is your favorite subject?  What is your favorite thing to make artwork about?

A:  I really like to use my imagination when I do artwork and make up things.

Q:  What is your favorite color?

A:  Blue.  It’s also my middle name.

Q:  How do you feel when you’re making work? 

A:  It’s really really fun and I feel happy.

Q:  How do you want people to feel when they see your work?

A:  Amazed!

Q:  What are your favorite mediums to use?  What are your favorite materials in the CRES studio? 

A:  Collage

Oct 14

What is the Inspiration Station?

The Inspiration Station is a center in the CRES Studio that young artists can visit for:
– Inspiration
– Art History Books
– Reference Books
– Science Specimens
– Still-life Supplies
– Models
– How-to-Draw Books
– Drawing Prompts