May 16

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Jan 16

Sketchbooks Galore!

Where can I buy a sketchbook?

Many independent bookstores have a great selection of sketchbooks and journals. If you don’t have an independent bookstore locally here is a list of stores that carry sketchbooks:


Downtown Portsmouth

Portsmouth + Greenland + Newington


How can I make a sketchbook?

There are tons of different ways you can create your own sketchbook. Here are a couple of simple binding tutorials to get you started:

What are Ms. Norman’s top 3 sketchbook brands?

(All three are available on Amazon as well as in local stores.)

What binding is right for me?

Coptic Bound

    Moleskine and Hand Book Artist Journals are coptic bound.  This means they are created by sewing several signatures of paper together.  

    – They Lay Flat
    – They are very durable.
    – You can find them in vertical or horizontal binding.  

    – You cannot easy remove pages.
    – They begin to butterfly out if you collage in them.

    – They are sometimes hard to fold back. 

    Wire or Spiral Bound

    – Pages can be easily removed. (Although you shouldn’t do this.) 
    – They Lay Flat
    – They are durable.
    – They accommodate collage well.
    – They fold back.  

    – You can find them in vertical or horizontal binding.  

    – The pages tear out. 
    – The pages do not connect in the center. 

    Things to Avoid

    – Glue bound sketchbooks. 

    – Sketchbooks with soft front and back covers.  (Similar to a regular notebook. This makes it hard to draw in unless you have a desk or other hard surface.)

    Paper Weight
    Make sure to find the best paper weight for you.  
    Check out this link for more info.