Nov 17

Famous Photographers: Nan Goldin

Gina at Bruce’s Dinner Party, New York City, 1991

Oct 16

Abelardo Morell | Camera Obscura Photographer

Camera Obscura: View of Central Park Looking North-Fall, 2008
Bedroom (Before), Brookline, MA, 2000
Bedroom (After), Brookline, MA, 2000
Houses Across the Street in Our Bedroom, Quincy, MA, 1994

Houses Across the Street in Our Living Room, 1991

Brookline View in Brady’s Room, 1992

The Sea in Attic, 1994

Miami Beach in Empty Room, 2001
The image below is not a camera obscura photograph per se, but follows the same principles and is a great image.  
 Light Entering Our House, 2004

Jan 16

“10/1” Project By Romanian Artist Bogdan Gîrbovan

10 Identical Apartments, 10 Different Lives, Documented By Romanian Artist Bogdan Gîrbovan
(Read the article via Bored Panda
 by clicking the link)

10th Floor
9th Floor
8th Floor
7th Floor
6th Floor
5th Floor
4th Floor
3rd Floor
2nd Floor
1st Floor

Nov 15

Famous Photographers: Robert Adams

Watch the Robert Adams Art 21 segment from the episode Ecology.
Art 21 Segment on Robert Adams

Robert Adams on Light

Nov 15

Shoot and Move On: A Day In The Life of Street Photographers

Nov 15

Forced Perspective

Forced perspective is an visual technique that creates an optical illusion by making an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. It is used primarily in photography, filmmaking and architecture. It manipulates our visual perception through the use of scaled objects and the correlation between them and the vantage point of the viewer or camera in a composition.

Nov 15

I See Faces in the Strangest of Places

Oct 15

Artist | Sabine Timm

“I’m artist, creator, beach-trash collector, flea-market lover and photographer.”
– Sabine Timm

Click here to view Sabine Timm’s Instagram!

Create Creatures Out of Natural Materials
A photo posted by Sabine Timm (@virgin_honey) on
Arrange Found Objects in an Interesting Way 
A photo posted by Sabine Timm (@virgin_honey) on

Play with Your Food 
A photo posted by Sabine Timm (@virgin_honey) on
Use Humor
A photo posted by Sabine Timm (@virgin_honey) on

Play with Scale
A photo posted by Sabine Timm (@virgin_honey) on

Document Your Life
A photo posted by Sabine Timm (@virgin_honey) on

Oct 15

Photography | Play | Miniatures

Oct 15

Long Exposure Fun

Today while the Juniors were taking the PSAT the remaining 3 Seniors and myself had a little fun with long-exposures.

Oct 15

Famous Photographers: Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson‘s work is a great example of the compositional tools being used to their fullest.  

What are some of the tools you see being used in the images below?

Want more of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s work?
Check out the MOMA‘s exhibit:

Famous Photographers Tell How (1958): 

An Interview with Henri Cartier-Bresson

Oct 15

The Art Assignment | Sorted Books

This week the Photography One students will be completing Nina Katchadourian‘s assignment from the PBS web series The Art Assignment.  


Here is a little more about the assignment from The Art Assignment’s YouTube channel.  

Published on Aug 28, 2014
In which we meet Brooklyn-based artist Nina Katchadourian in Lawrence, Kansas, at the former home of American writer William S. Burroughs (1914 – 1997). Nina takes us on her journey of sorting Burroughs’s book collection and challenges you to sort some books yourself!Episode 13 Instructions:

1. Choose a person you know or would like to know better
2. Take a look at/through their library
3. Make 3 stacks of books to develop a portrait of the person
4. Upload it to your social media platform of choice using #theartassignment
5. Fame and glory (your work might be featured in a future episode)

Learn more about Nina’s work: http://www.ninakatchadourian.com/

And read about William S. Burroughs: http://www.burroughs100.com/

Oct 15

The Art of Portrait Photography | PBS Digital | OffBook

Oct 15

Portrait Lighting | “Sparkles and Wine” Music Video

Opale’s music video “Sparkles and Wine” is a great example of how lighting and color tone have an affect of the subject and mood in a photography or video.

Oct 15

Photo Lesson | Cropping and Straightening

Straightening your horizontal or vertical lines in a photograph is one of the easiest ways to improve your photo.

Sep 15

Through a Lens Darkly

Through a Lens Darkly Official Website

Through a Lens Darkly Official Trailer

Through a Lens Darkly Interview with director and producer Thomas Allen Harris.

Sep 15

Compositional Tools | Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is an American editorial photographer best known for his photograph “Afghan Girl” which originally appeared in National Geographic magazine.

Sep 15

Famous Photographers: Self-Portraits

Diane Arbus

Andreas Feininger

Man Ray

Self-Portrait with Half Beard, 1943

Gelatin silver print, 7 1/8 x 5 1/8 inches

Nan Goldin


Chuck Close

Sep 15

Vivian Maier: Self-Portraits

About the Artist

Keep the link to see the rest of her Self-Portrait portfolio.

Black and White


Sep 15

Hiroshima Statement by Elin O’Hara Slavick

These photographic images of Hiroshima, Japan, are attempts to visually, poetically, and historically address the magnitude of what disappeared as a result of and what remains after the dropping of the A-bomb in 1945. They are images of loss and survival, fragments and lives, architecture and skin, surfaces and invisible things, like radiation. Exposure is at the core of this photographic project: exposure to radiation, to the sun, to light, to history, and exposures made from radiation, the sun, light and historical artifacts from the Peace Memorial Museum’s collection. After Hiroshima engages ethical seeing, visually registers warfare, and addresses the irreconcilable paradox of making visible the most barbaric as witness, artist, and viewer.