Dec 14

Teaching art or teaching to think like an artist? | Cindy Foley | TEDxColumbus

Nov 14

Aelita Andre, World Famous Painter, Age 7

It’s amazing what children can do when they are allowed to explore, experiment, get messy, and play!


Aelita Andre’s Website:

Nov 14

iPhone Photography Tips + Hacks

If you’re interested in photography here are some great tips and tricks that can turn a basic cell phone camera into so much more.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 3.53.10 PM Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 3.54.14 PM



Nov 14

Artist Spotlight: Mateo C.



Baby Man

Baby Man

Raining Tires

Raining Tires

Crocodile Eating Puppet

Crocodile Eating Puppet

Person For Dinner

Person For Dinner

Q:  What grade are you in?

A:  2nd

Q:  What is your favorite subject?  What is your favorite thing to make artwork about?

A:  I really like to use my imagination when I do artwork and make up things.

Q:  What is your favorite color?

A:  Blue.  It’s also my middle name.

Q:  How do you feel when you’re making work? 

A:  It’s really really fun and I feel happy.

Q:  How do you want people to feel when they see your work?

A:  Amazed!

Q:  What are your favorite mediums to use?  What are your favorite materials in the CRES studio? 

A:  Collage

Oct 14

Michael Stripe of REM Prompts College Students

In a recent SPIN article REM frontman Michael Stripe is prompting students at NYU in a new collaborative project “NEW SIGHTS, NEW NOISE”.

“Each week, Stipe and a different special guest will give the class’ 18 students a prompt, and they’ll respond with ‘100 images and gifs, both found and made, all of which will be uploaded to a private class website,’ and projected on the walls, automatic for the people (sorry). At the end of the class, the space at 80 WSE Gallery will open up to the public so they can see what they accomplished.”

For more on the project check out the whole article:

Wouldn’t this be a fabulous project for a digital photography, digital media, or graphic design class?

Oct 14

What is the Inspiration Station?

The Inspiration Station is a center in the CRES Studio that young artists can visit for:
– Inspiration
– Art History Books
– Reference Books
– Science Specimens
– Still-life Supplies
– Models
– How-to-Draw Books
– Drawing Prompts

Oct 14

Sketchbook Prompts as Inspiration

Since September students have been working on finding inspiration through sketchbook prompts and the Inspiration Station.



Here is a quick little video showing the artists in action!

Oct 14

On the Coast of Maine, 2014

Each year the 3rd Grade students of Maine spend a large part of the year learning about our beloved home state.  The video below illustrates a collaboration between the music educator at my school, Karen Littlefield, the artists and musicians of Coastal Ridge Elementary School, and myself.

The students perform Mike Nobel’s “Coast of Maine” for their spring concert “Maine Night”.  Students in the CRES studio were asked to create thumbnail sketches and then a finished piece based on the lyrics.

Coast of Maine (On the Coast of Maine) Lyrics

By Mike Nobel

Welcome to a day along the coast of Maine
No place could ever be more beautiful to see
Stars are in the sky on the morning tide
The fishin’ boats are rockin’ the ocean birds are calling,
“Welcome to Maine” “Welcome to Maine”

Come see the sunrise high on Cadillac Mountain
Come see the sailboat reaching for the horizon
Come let the water carry you away
Along the rocky coast of Maine.

On a stormy day along the coast of Maine
The salty winds are singing, the buoy bells are ringing
On the rising tide, waves are breaking high
and when the storm is clearing, it’s Mother Nature saying:
“Welcome to Maine” “Welcome to Maine”

Come see the rainbow rising over the island
come see the children racing into the ocean
Come learn the song in the music of the waves
On the rocky coast of Maine.

Jun 14

Mini Collages and Artist Trading Cards

Mar 14

Army Base Collaboration : 2nd Grade


Mar 14

Making Hinges

This 2nd Grader has been working with two other boys in his class to create an “Army Base”.  Here he is showing me how he created hinges for one of their doors using staples.

Sep 13

Making Magic in the Studio, September 2013

Sep 13

Compliment Slip Critique

Sep 13

Drawing From Observation in the Inspiration Station

Sep 13

The Collage Center is Open!!!

Sep 13

Having Fun With Sketchbooks

3rd Graders exploring their sketchbooks!


Sep 13

Welcome Back 2013-2014!

The CRES Studio is ready for an another amazing school year!

May 13

35th Annual Student Art Show at the Barn Gallery, Ogunquit, ME





For the past 35 years, Southern Coastal Maine art educators have been participating in a showcase of student work each year at the Barn Gallery in Ogunquit, ME.  The following gallery is a quick taste of some of the amazing work in this year’s 2012-2013 show.


Apr 13

Boston Strong!

After the tragic events on April 15 our school decided to have a “Boston Pride Day” to show our love and support.  These two boys wanted to create matching “Boston Strong T-Shirts”.IMG_0194

Mar 12

The Vance Garden En Plein Air

Student got a chance to enjoy the wonderful Spring weather while working “in the open air.”

Mar 12

How many greens can you make?

In preparation for our plein air paintings students were challenged to create as many greens as they could.  Students experimented with mixing primary and secondary colors as well as using green’s complement, red, to create neutrals.  “En Plein Air”  is a French expression which means “in the open air.”

Mar 12

Bubble Prints

Students experimented with bubble printing today.  Some of the realizations that they came to understand through play were that you need to:

  • Reverse the image before you print it.
  • Add a good amount of pressure while burnishing the paper if you want to capture the whole image.

Students will be using some of their prints for textures in their Eric Carle inspired collage projects.