Sep 16

Inspiration | Scott Sueme

What is not to love about Sueme’s work?  His paintings are flat, with a brilliant use of  desaturated and pastel colors. His work uses abstraction and minimalism, breaking pools and other subjects into shapes using planes of color. Many of his pieces are almost monochromatic, using several hues of the same color.  

One influence I can see clearly in his work is that of David Hockney, especially his pool paintings from the 1960s and 1970’s. (See below.) 

Art Practice Prompt:

  • Create a work of art based on the color palette used in one of his paintings. 
  • Create a series of minimal photographs breaking your subject down to just the elements of art and getting rid of all clutter.   

  “A Bigger Splash,” 1967

“Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)” 1972

Jan 16

Pantone X-Rite Color Hue Challenge

Click this link to take the Pantone X-Rite Color Challenge.

Oct 15

Radiolab | Colors Episode

(Adam Cole/WNYC)

You can listen to the podcast here, Radiolab.org, or download the podcast and listen on the go!